Vtech Crazy Colours Torch
Vtech Crazy Colours Torch

VTech Crazy Colours Torch


Start your learning adventure! The cute lady bird button plays fun phrases and a happy song to encourage listening skills and first words. 5 different coloured lights and animal graphics create fun visuals to attract baby's attention. Can you find the animals?


Turn the ring to discover the brightly coloured animals and the sounds they make! Press the 3 buttons to learn colours and numbers whilst enjoying the upbeat melodies.


Key Features:


* 3 number buttons.

* Turning dial changes the colour of the light.

* Turn to each side of the dial to learn about animals and colours.

* Ladybird button plays phrases and sound effects.

* Teaches colours, animals and numbers.


Developmental Benefits:


* Imaginative Play

Imagination and exploration through interaction with characters.


* Discovery and Exploration

Heightens curiosity and encourages exploration.


* Motor Skills

Encourages fine motor skill development.


* Language Development

Introduces the alphabet, letter sounds and vocabulary.


Requires 2 AAA batteries (Demo batteries included).


Age: 12 - 36 months

Torch Size: approx. 15 cm long